With a rich history of 'firsts' in Uganda, Balton Uganda Limited has always been at the forefront of Uganda's ever-developing agriculture sector, introducing modern technologies such as drip irrigation, greenhouses and soluble fertilizers in Uganda. Successful Balton Uganda projects include; installation of bulk Flower tunnels, Agro-equipments, and Agro-inputs of every crop. We supply and maintain Green houses, Irrigation systems and implement in specific markets, remaining a leader in the provision of expert agronomy services, constantly assessing grower requirements for seeds, fertilizers and agrochemicals, providing fast and cost effective solutions to those who rely upon us.

In recent years, Balton Uganda limited has pioneered a new approach towards Uganda's small scale farmers. The introduction of the Balton Farmers Kit (BFK), a holistic agribusiness unit, coupling modern technology with training and agro-support has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of millions. This initiative,which has been adopted in over 20 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, has been a catalyst for new and emerging partnerships between Balton Uganda and Governments, donors, NGOs, foundations, finance and micro-finance institutions, schools, institutions of higher learning and research bodies,creating a new and more harmonized private-sector driven approach to one of Uganda's main issues like food shortage. Balton Uganda recognizes the significance of introducing and maintaining sustainability in its approach to Agribusiness.