Motivated by a passion for empowering the people of Africa and coupled with a pioneering spirit for introducing new, cutting edge technologies and knowledge

Balton Uganda Ltd has since its commencement established itself as a pioneering, powerful force within Uganda's ever growing economy, bringing the experience and professionalism of the Balton CP Group to Uganda.

Balton Uganda is a subsidiary of the Balton CP group, a British multinational company with a strong presence across Africa, which made its initial steps in Africa in the early 1990's by acquiring controlling interest in the Israeli multinational, Koor Trade's holdings throughout the continent.  Owned by British multinational CP Holdings, a privately owned company, Balton CP acquired all remaining shares from Koor Trade in 2013, becoming the sole owner of a group of companies with roots in Africa reaching as far back as independence. Guided and supported by a Head Office team situated in the UK, Balton CP's diverse operations in Africa are spearheaded through its subsidiary companies located in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria.

Motivated by a passion for empowering the people of Uganda and coupled with a pioneer spirit for introducing new cutting edge technologies and knowledge, Balton Uganda continues to strive to achieve commercially sustainable development in all of its fields of expertise. The company's focus lies in four main strategic areas: Agriculture, Communication Technology, Electrical Engineering and Public Health, supported by extensive experience in Project Management throughout Africa.

Thanks to its diverse portfolio, Balton Uganda has emerged as a positive influence in Uganda and continues to empower the people with modern technologies and knowledge in all of its fields of expertise.